Lithops – Online Selling

The name “Lithops” comes from a Greek word that literally means “stone-like”. In fact, these small succulents are much loved by collectors not only because of their peculiar shape but also for some particular characteristics.

Their stone-like appearance is intended to blend in with the rocks they live in, thus avoiding being eaten by animals. This is why the Lithops that grow among the limestone stones have a tendency to turn grey, just as those that arise on red soils rich in iron will be red!

The leaves are very fleshy and allow the seedlings to store water for long periods of drought. Furthermore, during flowering, they produce only one lasting flower so as not to waste too many water reserves. Another very particular feature concerns the surface of these plants: many times they are adorned with small dots that lack chlorophyll and have the purpose of letting sunlight reach the deepest points of the plant.