Mammillaria – Online Selling

The Mammillaria genus is certainly the most widespread and varied within the Cactaceae family. Its name derives from the Greek, d was attributed in reference to the tubercles with a similar appearance to female breasts. Within this genus, there are more than 150 different species, which is why the plants are sometimes very varied.

Very simple to recognize due to some predominant characteristics, they are among the few cacti that do not have the famous “ribs” but are completely covered with tubercles arranged in a sort of spiral. Another feature is the lively funnel-shaped flowers that come together in a ring around the apex of the cactus, almost forming a crown.

Plants of the Mammillaria genus belong to the group of so-called “desert plants”, that is cacti that have become accustomed to surviving extreme climatic conditions ranging from scorching heat to freezing temperatures. These are just some of the characteristics that make these cacti so popular and appreciated.