Gymnocalycium – Online Selling

The name of the variety “Gymnocalycium” comes from a Greek word that means “naked chalice”. It is a species that includes a large number of globular cacti with protruding ribs and often also some kind of transverse grooves. They are adorned with dense thorns and in some cases even very long, robust and curved. These plants tend to be small in size, suitable for growing in pots, which are highly appreciated for elegant blooms with delicate shades ranging from white to pink.

They are cacti very appreciated and sought after by collectors due to some characteristics. Meanwhile, we have the globular shape that earned them the nickname of “ball cactus”, their particular colours are often due to the lack of chlorophyll which gives them shades ranging from green to purple. Then there is the contrast of the stems with the flowers that do not make them classified as simple thorny plants. They are basically a kind of plant to have to decorate indoor and outdoor environments with class.