Bergerocactus – Online sale

The name Bergerocactus was attributed to this plant in honour of the German botanist Alwin Berger. It is a species composed solely of Bergerocactus emoryi, a plant so particular that it even needs a separate genus. It is originally found in American deserts and is a very resistant plant to typical desert temperatures.

It has a basically columnar bearing and a small diameter. It is covered with tangled thorns, which is why it is commonly known by some nicknames as “golden cactus”, for the bright yellow of the thorns, or even “snake cactus”, for its elongated and thin pattern. Another name is “velvet cactus”, thanks to the soft texture of the quills.

It is undoubtedly a very peculiar and rare plant, one of those plants that certainly cannot be missing in the collection of any cactus lover. Their exotic and wild appearance is undoubtedly the reason why you should have a Bergerocactus in your collection.