Agave – Online sale

Agave is a genus of perennial succulent plants that can vary in size from 20 cm to 6 meters in width and from 15 cm to 2.5 meters in height. They have a rosette-like habit and a short stem that is generally not visible.

The leaves are fleshy and very fibrous, often with a woody apical spine. If grown in colder climates the leaves can take on a green-blue colour, while when they are green-grey it indicates warmer climates.

The roots have a conformation also called fasciculate, they are therefore filamentous and with a maximum thickness of about 2.5 mm and of variable depth. The plant begins to flower when it reaches the stage of maturity, which occurs around the age of 10-50.

Agave plants are native to the southern belt of North America, the Caribbean islands, and the northern part of Central America. The greatest concentration is in Mexico. Some specimens are also present in the Mediterranean basin and in Madagascar, Kenya, Angola or in Asia in countries such as India and Sri Lanka.