Tephrocactus Geometricus – Vase 7*7

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Coltivazione e cura della pianta:

  • Exposure: Sunny and airy. Minimum temperature 5°C.
  • Soil: drained with pumice, soil, and lapilli. Fertilize in spring.
  • Watering: Fortnightly in spring and summer.
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Tephrocactus Geometricus – Characteristics

The Tephrocactus Geometricus is a particular Cactaceae native to Catamarca, Argentina, has a beautiful ball-shaped stem of a bluish-green colour that can also get purple with prolonged sun exposure. Over time it will form branches of spherical shape and it has short downward curved thorns that emerge from its areoles. During the flowering period, beautiful white to light pink flowers will form with a darker central stripe. The plant must be handled with great care and attention as its parts tend to detach very easily during the transfer operations, or when the plant is moved.

Plant dimension
SoilDraining and porous with 50% pumice or lapillus
FloweringIn spring


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