2-Peleyciphora aselleiphormis vaso 7*7 euro 28
1-Peleyciphora aselleiphormis vaso 7*7 euro 28
3-Peleyciphora aselleiphormis vaso 7*7 euro 28

Pelecyphora Aselliformis – Vaso 7*7 cm

 28,00 VAT included

Plant care and cultivation:

  • Exposure: bright, no direct sun. Minimum temperature 7°C
  • Soil: earth, zeolite pumice lapillus in equal proportions.
  • Watering: spring, summer


Pelecyphora Aselliformis – Characteristics

The Pelecyphora Aselliformis is a very particular cactus which takes its name from a Greek word which means “axe-bearing”. This genus of plants includes only two species, both characterized by a globular body and by long areoles enriched by very small, flat and soft spines. It is a slow-growing plant which, however, is also not easy to cultivate. The flowering of this very particular specimen occurs in spring when beautiful flowers ranging from pink to purple bloom from their apex.
Plant dimensionVase 7*7 cm
SoilDraining formed by a mixture of earth and pumice


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