1-Neoporteria villosa kk1603 vaso 7*7 euro 7
2-Neoporteria villosa kk1603 vaso 7*7 euro 7
3-Neoporteria villosa kk1603 vaso 7*7 euro 7

Neoporteria Villosa kk1603 – Vaso 7*7

 80,00 VAT included

Plant care and cultivation:

  • Exposure: Sunny, minimum temperature down to 0°C with dry soil
  • Soil: draining with pumice, sand, and lapilli. Fertilize in spring
  • Watering: fortnightly in spring and summer
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Neoporteria Villosa kk 1603 – Characteristics

The Neoporteria Villosa kk1603 is a cactus belonging to the higher classification of the Notocactaceae with a cylindrical shape and a green-brown color native to Chile. It is characterized by long spines facing upwards, clear and flexible that cover the body of the plant. During flowering, which occurs in the winter or, rarely, in late spring, it produces magenta flowers.

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Plant dimension Vase 7*7
Soil Draining and with pumice, sand or lapillus


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