Mammillaria Luethyi – Vase 7*7

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Cultivation and plant care:

  • Exposure: sunny and airy. Mild temperature, minimum 5°C.
  • Soil: draining, a mix of pumice, soil, and lapilli. Fertilize in spring.
  • Watering: fortnightly in spring and summer. Suspended in winter.


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Mammillaria Luethyi – Characteristics

The Mammillaria Luethyi is a very small Cactaceae native to the state of Coahuila, in Mexico, with a particular and refined appearance, certainly the most spectacular of its kind, with a stem that does not exceed two centimetres in diameter with a globular shape that tends to cluster by creating a sort of pillow made of many “small heads”, usually around 7-8. It is entirely covered with very particular short ball-shaped spines, of a candid white color, in sharp contrast with the color of the stem. Its flowers, large in size compared to the stem, bloom during spring and have a bright colour that adds to the charm of this miniature cactus.

Plant dimension
SoilDraining with some pumice, sand or lapillus
FloweringIn spring


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