Mammillaria Candida – Vaso 7*7

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Cultivation and plant care

  • Exposure: full sun and air. Mild temperature, minimum 5 °C.
  • Soil: drained with pumice, soil, and lapilli. Fertilize in spring.
  • Watering: fortnightly in spring and summer.
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Mammillaria Candida – Characteristics

The Mammillaria Candida is a small Cactaceae native to Mexico that belongs to the Cactoideae subfamily with a globular body that will tend to lengthen with adulthood. Its stem is light green and is adorned with some cylindrical tubercles. The plant is completely covered with tiny pure white thorns that can turn pink at the tip. It is often called by the nickname “snowball” because of its candid appearance and its geometry.

Plant dimension
SoilDraining with pumice, sand or lapillus
FloweringTwice a year. In spring and October


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