Gymnocalycium Baldianum Pink flower

Plant care and cultivation:

  • Exposure: airy and sunny, mild temperature, minimum 7°C.
  • Soil: draining, a mix of pumice, soil, and lapillus. Fertilize in spring.
  • Watering: fortnightly in spring and summer. Suspended in winter.
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Gymnocalycium Baldianum Pink flower – Characteristics

This Gymnocalycium Baldianum Pink flower is a small solitary cactus with a globular shape and slightly flattened at its apex has the characteristic of bunching up over time. This Gymnocalycium has a colour that tends to vary from blue-green to greyish-brown and has some well-marked ribs with small woolly white areoles, from which emerge long and curved thorns with a colour that goes from light brown to grey-brown, with shades of red at the base. Flowering occurs in early summer and generates large funnel-shaped flowers with bright colours. 

Plant dimension
SoilDraining and formed by a mix of soil and pumice
FloweringEarly summer


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