1-Euphorbia pugniformis crestata vado 5,5 euro 3
2-Euphorbia pugniformis crestata vado 5,5 euro 3
3-Euphorbia pugniformis crestata vado 5,5 euro 3

Euphorbia Pugniformis Crested – 5,5 Vase

 3,00 VAT included

Plant care and cultivation

  • It should be exhibited in very bright positions during all seasons, but not exposed to direct sunlight during the hot hours of the day. It prefers mild temperatures and never below 8 ° C, which is why it should be placed in sheltered and ventilated places throughout the winter.
  • The host soil must be draining and porous and made up of a mix of earth and pumice so as not to allow the water to stagnate. It does not need a lot of fertilization, it is sufficient to add fertilizer to the irrigation water once a year.
  • It should be watered sparingly and only when the soil is completely dry. Just once a week in spring and summer, once every two months in autumn and stop completely in winter.


Euphorbia Pugniformis Crested – Characteristics

The Euphorbia Pugniformis Crestata is a succulent plant that belongs to the large Euphorbiacee. Its particular crested shape, with a typical strongly wavy fan arrangement, has a sinusoid shape, such as to give it a “brain” – shaped appearance, typical of crested cacti. Euphorbia Pugniformis belongs to the category of “a medusa ”, ie consisting of a sort of central head from which elongated, thin and cylindrical lateral shoots, up to 10 centimetres long, are distributed.

Plant dimensionVase 5,5 cm
SoilDraining and porous with a mix of earth and pumice


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