Euphorbia obesa – Vase 7*7

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Cultivation and plant care:

  • Exposure: bright and airy. Mild temperature, minimum 8 °C.
  • Soil: draining, mix of pumice, soil, and lapillus. Fertilize in spring.
  • Watering: fortnightly in spring and summer.
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Euphorbia obesa – Characteristics

The Euphorbia obesa is known mostly by the name of “Baseball plant” due to its particular shape, and it is a succulent made up of globose stems that will assume a columnar shape when growing. The stem of this Euphorbiaceae generally varies from dark green to grey-green with lighter streaks, its ribs are slightly protruding and without thorns. Very small yellow flowers emerge from their apex.

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Plant dimension
SoilDraining and porous with a mix of soil and pumice
FloweringFrom April to July


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