1.Echinofossulocactus vaso 7 *7 euro 8
2.Echinofossulocactus vaso 7 *7 euro 8

Echinofossulocactus – Vaso 7*7

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Plant care and cultivation:

  • Exposure: Sunny and airy. Minimum temperature 5 °C.
  • Soil: drained with pumice, soil, and lapilli. Fertilize in spring
  • Watering: Fortnightly in spring and summer.


Echinofossulocactus – Characteristics

The Echinofossulocactus s a small globular cactus native to Mexico with a solitary habit. In the past, this species was classified in the genus Echinocactus and Stenocactus. It has a stem of a beautiful bright green colour, slightly concave at the apex, and with many wavy-shaped ribs adorned with small white areoles. Its radial spines are small and white in colour, while the central spines are larger, long, flat and yellowish in colour which darkens on the tips. The plant blooms during the final part of autumn and manifests itself at the apex of the plant with small pink funnel-shaped flowers.

Plant dimensionVase diameter: 5,5 cm
SoilDraining and porous and with 50% of pumice, lapilli, clay.
FloweringEnd of Fall



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