Echinocereus engelmannii acicularis – Vase 10

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Cultivation and plant care:

  • Exposure: full sun and air. Mild temperature, minimum 8 °C.
  • Soil: draining, a mix of pumice, soil, and lapillus. Fertilize in spring.
  • Watering: fortnightly in spring and summer. Suspended in winter
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Echinocereus engelmannii acicularis – Characteristics

The Echinocereus engelmannii acicularis is cactus is characteristic of the US and Mexican areas and has quite variable characteristics. In fact, it is a species that includes a large number of varieties that, however, always tend to be columnar. Different stems usually grow together, almost to compose a sort of pillow of thorns. The radial spines are arranged like a corolla in an orderly manner and have a light colour while the central ones are generally longer and more robust, with a disordered pattern, and colours ranging from yellow to reddish, even black. This distinctive cactus blooms in spring by producing large truly showy pink and magenta flowers.

Plant dimension
SoilWell draining
FloweringIn spring


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