Aloe plicatilis – Vase 14

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Cultivation and plant care:

  • This Aloe needs a lot of light during all seasons, but direct sun rays should be avoided during the hottest hours of the day to avoid sunburn. It should be kept at mild temperatures and never below 8°C, which is why it should be placed in sheltered places during the winter.
  • The soil must be well-draining and nutritious. A mix of 60% soil and 40% inert materials. Frequent fertilizing is not necessary and it will be enough to dilute the fertilizer with water from the irrigation once a year.
  • Water in moderation and only when the soil is completely dry. Just once every two weeks in spring and summer, once every two months in autumn and completely suspend them in winter.
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Aloe plicatilis – Characteristics

This Aloe plicatilis is an endemic succulent plant of Southern Africa that can reach in nature 4 meters in height. This plant that belongs to the Asphodelaceae has a woody stem with foliage arranged in two rows that recreates a sort of fan effect. Its leaves are fleshy, long, and turned upwards with a dull bluish-green colour and a smooth epidermis that gives the plant a very ornamental appearance. In spring the plant produces large cylindrical red flowers.

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Plant dimension
Soil Draining with 60% soil and 40% inert materials
Flowering In spring


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