Agave titanota white ice vaso 20 euro 110

Agave Titanota White Ice – Vaso 20

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Plant care and cultivation

  • This Agave needs very bright exposure during all seasons and prefers mild temperatures, although it can survive even at temperatures close to zero, as long as the soil is totally dry.
  • The soil that hosts it must be well-draining and enriched with inert materials such as pumice, sand or lapillus. It should not be fertilized frequently and it will be sufficient to add fertilizer to the watering once a year.
  • It should be watered in moderation and only when the soil is completely dry, only once every two weeks in spring and summer and once every two months in autumn and winter will suffice.
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Agave Titanota White Ice – Characteristics

Agave Titanota White Ice is a rosette-shaped, medium-sized perennial succulent of medium size in the shape of a rosette which, over time, reaches up to 75 cm in diameter. It is considered an absolutely essential plant for any collector. It has large and fleshy grey-green leaves, the margins are defined by a “woody” edge with stiff white-brownish teeth.

You may also be interested in other plants of the same genus such as Agave Victoriae Reginae.

Plant dimension 20 cm vase
Soil Well draining with pumice, sand or lapillus


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