Agave Lophantha Quadricolor – Vase 12

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Cultivation and plant care:

  • It needs very bright exposure during all seasons and prefers mild temperatures, although it can survive even at temperatures close to zero, as long as the soil is totally dry.
  • The soil that hosts it must be well-draining and enriched with inert materials such as pumice, sand, or lapillus. It should not be fertilized frequently and it will be sufficient to add fertilizer to the watering once a year.
  • It should be watered in moderation and only when the soil is completely dry, only once every two weeks in spring and summer and once every two months in autumn and winter will suffice.
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Agave Lophantha Quadricolor – Characteristics

The Agave Lophantha Quadricolor is a succulent plant native to Mexico that belongs to the Agave genus with slow growth and a rosette shape. Its leaves are characterized by a beautiful four-colour process and have yellow margins with stripes with shades ranging from dark green to light green. The margins of the leaves have a dentition formed by small brownish-red thorns ending in a large darker central thorn.

Plant dimension
Soil Well draining with pumice, sand or lapilli


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