About Us

Our Story

Our story begins in 1994 in Sicily, in a strip of land just outside Giarratana, a village of about 3000 inhabitants in the heart of the province of Ragusa, also known as “La Perla Degli Iblei” (The Pearl of the Iblei).

The two founding partners, Giovanni Bracchitta and Giovanni Longo had the idea of creating a real oasis of Succulent and Cactaceae plants in the island’s extreme south-east, a category of plants that, back then, was rather than a “niche”.

Thus began a long and intense journey that over the years has led us to take part in countless fairs throughout Italy and abroad, allowing us to meet many experts, make friends, and increase our skills in this particular branch of botany, giving life to a thriving and varied production of succulent plants and rare cacti.

At Oasi Cactus we can provide ad hoc solutions for each customer in Italy, in Europe, or the rest of the world, meticulously taking care of every step; from the first contact with the customer to the excellent logistics service, up to everything related to the after-sales.

A happy customer is our biggest motivation…

Our team

Santi Longo
Administrative manager


Flavio Bracchitta
Sales Manager

Giuseppe Bracchitta
Logistics and Shipping